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Looking at the pages of sites specializing in the sale of sanitary ware, it’s easy to get confused – the variety of shell models surprises and makes you wonder which one is better. Some consumers make a choice based on the price of bathroom fixtures, for others, the most important thing is the appearance of the object, for example, you may like a high end bathroom sink. What are sinks and on what criteria to rely on when choosing?

Types of sinks for the bathroom

Indeed, there are many options for bathroom sinks. But all the proposals can be easily divided into groups that differ primarily in the way they are installed and the appearance:

  1. a sink with a nightstand;
  2. mortise model;
  3. consignment note sink;
  4. bowl sink;
  5. “tulip”;
  6. cantilever (hanging) versions.

In addition to the type of device, the difference may consist in the material from which the product is made, the shape and size of the bowl, the color of the surface. Which sink is the most practical and which one is beautiful?

Pendant sinks: features of models

The hanging shells look very concise. Their main feature is the absence of a pedestal and floor support. Such products are attached to the wall, do not take up much space and are very often used to create interiors in a modern style, aimed at improving the functionality of the premises.

It is important to understand – the wiring of communications during the installation of such a model often remains open. Pick up a beautiful chrome siphon and pipes – such a set will give originality to the design and will not look untidy. A glass hanging sink is less common than a model made of earthenware and porcelain. It is these materials that are most in demand in the manufacture of wall bowls. They have attractive aesthetic characteristics and color depth, and glass without an additional “background” in the form of a stand is often “lost”.

Console sinks: a stylish choice

Choose a product that matches the size of the bathroom – do not overload the compact space with bulky plumbing. For large bathrooms is the ideal cantilever basin of elongated shape – such plumbing will visually “pull out” the space. For a small bathroom, choose a small hand wash basin – it will perform the tasks assigned to it – it is suitable for hand washing. The cantilever sink is represented today in one of the widest range of variations. You can buy classic or corner models, with different types of faucet connection. Focus on the general interior concept and your own taste. You can choose a bathroom sink at There are many excellent options

Desktop sinks: overhead sink in the interior

Among fashionable models – shells, installed on the worktop without inserting it into the tabletop. When examining a sink in detail, the advantages are obvious:

  • ease of installation – the bowl does not require serious intervention and the use of a large number of tools in the installation, the task will cope with a non-professional;
  • the product looks very stylish – such bowls are made of glass, stone, porcelain, and are available in different colors;
  • the sink can be installed on any surface, using the area underneath it to store accessories or household chemicals.

One of the most popular styles of such devices is the black sink cover. The stylish product harmoniously complements the monochrome interiors and is appropriate both for the creation of modern design, and for the arrangement of a classic bathroom. If you are not ready for the creative work, choose a traditional white bowl. It should be complemented with a beautiful faucet (often choose cascades or models with backlight).