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One of the most amazing things to photograph and look at closely is period properties, especially those that are in London. There’s some amazing features and elegant design that really has huge attention to detail and can create some amazing photos.

I’ve taken a look at some of the most amazing things in London when it comes to the period properties and I’ve taken quite a few pictures of them for us to enjoy here. I’ve also borrowed some from the internet and they’re also appropriately sourced. So let’s not waste any time and get started with the photographers guide to period properties.

Amazing sash windows that create the most special pictures(and shades of lighting in a property).

Because sash windows were designed in a time where tradesmen were relatively cheap the design is absolutely flawless and just a beauty to behold. If you look at this picture that I’ve taken and borrowed from London Sash Window Repairs Ltd you’ll see just exactly what I mean. Actually, interestingly enough they were actually repairing this bay window.

But either way it’s nice to see that it’s being maintained because if you look at the picture that’s taken it just looks stunning it gives lots of different light shades and levels that you can only get from such depth of a window. Unfortunately plastic windows just simply won’t give this kind of picture because they don’t have the depth and 3D effect.

Beautiful Yellow Bricks as Yellow Stock

Just take a look at this beautiful external facets of London period property that has amazing colours, even the mortar looks amazing. Because the stock brick is not dirty because it’s just been cleaned, you can see what it would look like over 100 years ago. It was designed in such a way that it just was extremely pleasing on the eye, basically it was an art form and where they cleaned this break it was such a great opportunity to be able to take a photograph of this history and effectively capture 100 years of in just one picture. It’s amazing to think that we just simply don’t have the materials or the ability to make properties of this grandness anymore. It’s just such a shame that the world has developed in a way where we can’t produce such quality.

Beautiful iron railings that make amazing photography

Just take a look at these amazing iron railings.

They’ve got such amazing contours and depth that they just create the most special pictures. I can’t think of any modern design that really gives this kind of level of thought provocation. It’s a shame that they’ve been painted over so many times, but I presume it would be extremely expensive to have them cleaned off(it’s clear the owner paid out for this considerably), nonetheless they still look really special and it gives a real appearance of the highest quality that simply can’t be replicated. I was glad to be able to grab a snap of this; it’s an amazing art form and all from my SLR Magic anamorphot.

Beautiful fireplaces and an amazing photo to finish.

Fireplaces were a key feature of Period properties and homes, and this beautiful example was no exception. It’s like a mantel piece but with a fireplace extension. It does really make the property stand out, and just imagine if you were to have a huge portrait of a long relative and long-standing family heritage.

It would really create a lot of conflicting thought and interest. If you think about the design of a room, the fireplace was built beautifully by the Victorians and even before then, they really worked out how to get things done and we should be thankful for the photography opportunities that has been provided.