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In the variety of diamond engagement rings, as with the choice of shoes, it is easy for girls to get lost: the colors and styles are beautiful, but not always what is beautiful is comfortable and practical. As a rule, it’s rather the opposite. But in the case of shoes it’s easier: if you miss the choice, it’s not so offensive, because they are bought for a few seasons at most. But when it comes to the engagement rings with diamonds, then the case is different. After all, the engagement rings are chosen once and you have to wear them for a lifetime.

At the dawn of the 90s all the bridegrooms had smooth gold rings. The only difference was their width. Sure, some trendy couples wore diamond engagement rings, but only a few could buy them. In less than 10 to 15 years, rings with inlays of stones, as well as products made of composite metal became fashionable. Instead of cast gold rings, people began to choose carved rings decorated with inscriptions, symbols and significant dates.

It is believed that a wedding ring with a diamond, the hardest stone on Earth, endows this property to the union of lovers. Their marriage will not be afraid of any adversity.

Diamond engagement ring: from the classic to the avant-garde

Today, a mix of styles, colors and textures has become dominant in rings. Avant-garde jewelers believe that in the first place you should listen to yourself and your inner impulses in which your individuality is revealed.

In one ring can combine glossy and matte, smooth and relief materials, and in the design there are bright contrasting inserts, asymmetric/geometric details. Diamonds decorate not only women’s rings but also men’s. The delicate diamond scatterings give the rings a touch of romance and chic.

What is the best way to buy a diamond engagement ring and what kind of ring should it be? The most common question within this topic. The answer is simple – it’s up to you to decide. Today, there is no benchmark for what diamond engagement rings should be. Paired diamond rings can be identical or different. The most important thing is to make sure the pieces are properly matched in shape and size.

In addition, on the outer/inner side of the engagement ring may have an engraving. These can be names of the couple, special dates or meaningful quotes about love. It is better to make the inscription short, otherwise there may be difficulties with its placement on the ring.

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