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If you want to see the newest photos of the NBA, you’ll want to know who Bill Baptist is. He is a freelance photographer who works for the Orlando Magic. He was recently fired by the NBA after he posted a doctored image of Joe Biden on Facebook. The original image is of a man kneeling down with his hands clasped together. The font on the message is red and blue. Apparently, Baptist had a beef with the Houston Rockets and wanted to sack the basketball player. But the Houston Rockets hired him after a female athlete called her out.

But that’s not the end of the story for Baptist. After being fired from the Orlando Bubble, Bill uploaded an offensive political post on Facebook. He mocked Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris by referring to her as a ‘Hoe.’ The word ‘Hoe’ is an insult for women, according to the NBA. The NBA and the Rockets issued a statement to denounce the post.

The Rockets and NBA are investigating Bill Baptist’s post. The NBA has suspended Baptist for violating its community standards. In addition to that, Bill also posted the offensive meme on Facebook after he was fired by the team. The picture in question features the Joe Biden campaign logo and the word ‘Hoe.’ The hashtag ‘Hoe’ is a derogatory term for women. The Rockets did not immediately respond to USA TODAY Sports’ request for comment on the post.

Houston Rockets and Bill Baptist

The Houston Rockets have fired Bill Baptist. He has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. However, after he posted the offensive post on Facebook, the NBA recalled him and fired him. The NBA released a statement after the firing. In response, the team released a statement. If the Houston Rockets fired Bill Baptist, he should not be allowed to work for the team. While Bill has had a good history with the Rockets, it is unclear what will happen to him after this controversy.

The NBA has fired Bill Baptist after he published an offensive meme on Facebook. The tweet mocked the Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris. The NBA’s decision to fire Baptist was swift, and the team immediately removed the Houston Rockets from its bubble in Orlando. The company’s statement has been taken after the photo was posted. But the team’s apology is still far from satisfactory. There are many other reasons to dismiss the NBA’s decision.

The Houston Rockets have fired Bill Baptist, a former freelance photographer for the team. The reason for this is that the former photographer used a derogatory term for women. After he was fired from the Rockets, the NBA’s management team also released a statement apologizing to him. If you’re a fan of basketball, he can’t stay away from this controversial situation.

In August, the Houston Rockets fired the photographer, which was previously associated with the NBA’s Kamala Harris. The Rockets reportedly fired the former team leader after he posted the meme on Facebook. It has also been reported that the NBA’s decision was based on his own opinion. The NBA’s disciplinary action stemmed from Baptist’s post on Facebook. It is unclear whether the team fired the photographer after the incident.

The Houston Rockets have fired Bill Baptist after he posted an offensive political meme on Facebook. The NBA has also reprimanded the photographer, citing his offensive tweets. The basketball team’s decision to fire Bill Baptist comes amid the ongoing controversy surrounding the NBA’s hiring of a woman in the first female vice president position. It also aims to promote equality in the league. It has called for the firing of the ‘Hall of Famer’ and his ‘famous’ memes’.

After announcing his decision to quit the NBA, Baptist’s social media posts quickly revoked his job. He’d been fired for posting an offensive meme about ‘Hoe’ after the ‘Hoosier’ candidate was ‘fired’. The NBA has also reprimanded the Houston Rockets after he referred to Kamala Harris as a ‘Hoe’ in an online post.