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Among a huge number of competing companies, one can single out one’s own and make it recognizable to buyers only with well-designed advertising. And this applies, first of all, to the outdoor information sign, which serves as an element of identification of the enterprise among direct consumers. Therefore, all companies need this type of advertising, regardless of the type of activity and the amount of working capital.

The quality of the signboard plays a decisive role in the struggle for the client. Inconspicuous decisions merge with the city, while options with colorful design enter the arena.

Main advantages

The main advantages of outdoor advertising are the following:

  • high frequency – studies show that 9 out of 10 people pay attention to advertising signs and banners;
  • wide coverage – the right choice of placement allows you to reach a large number of potential buyers of various social and age groups;
  • entertainment – according to this indicator, it is one of the most spectacular. You can enhance the impression with the help of highlighting or animation;
  • flexibility – you can post such information in a variety of places, focusing on your target audience.

In order for outdoor advertising to fully fulfill the functions assigned to it, it must meet certain criteria. To guarantee the creation of a high-quality and powerful advertising tool to attract new customers can specialists of professional companies that are engaged in the manufacture of advertising signs. They can even create car wraps nyc for you if the need arises.

Golden Rules for Outdoor Advertising

According to experts, one of the most important rules for developing truly effective advertising is the brevity and clarity of the information provided. A person should have time to remember the information placed on it for several seconds, without spending a lot of time. That is why you should not overload the billboard with an abundance of information. It is also recommended to adhere to the following simple principles:

  • post only 1-2 images so as not to form excessive diversity;
  • observe the contrast between the picture and the text;
  • use only one variant of address information;
  • take into account the placement on the ground so that advertising is not lost in the landscape;
  • make the idea simple and clear at a glance.

In addition, we note that the text on the advertisement should occupy at least 30% of the sheet. It should be large enough, clearly visible and understandable, best of all – the same font. Compliance with these requirements will increase the effectiveness of advertising signs, make it an effective tool for business development.

Among the trends in the design of outdoor advertising, experts note:

  1. Simplicity. Advertising should be simple and understandable, this is due not only to the abundance of information that we receive everywhere, but also to the perceptions of today. It is noted that the most effective is the advertisement that delivers all the important information without straining.
  2. Colorful, but not bright. All bright colors lose their relevance in advertising, attention is attracted to colorful and rich shades, rather than “flashy” or “poisonous”. Experts say that black and white plots are especially attractive today, although most designers still avoid monochrome colors.
  3. Specifically. The advertising plot should be extremely clear, and all information should be presented concisely. It is not necessary to specify several communication methods at once, and even more so – several telephone numbers, it is best to limit yourself to the website address or short number.